Maybe They All Use the Same Lotion...

Yesterday was Mother's Day, and as the mother of an 8 year old, the last thing I expected was to have to take her out of the service to use the restroom... but we did.

Unfortunately, we weren't on the end of the row and had to tap the shoulder of the woman next to us to get by she and her husband.

We managed to squeeze out during a song while everyone was standing. And in the privacy of the women's restroom, Olivia began to chatter. She always has interesting observations, and after pointing out several things including how she felt like EVERYONE was staring at her when we walked out, she mentioned the lady sitting next to her.

"She smelled like Grandma or like Grandma's house." She said.

"Really?" I replied, wondering which Grandma she was referring to. Thinking it was most likely Grandma Wachtel who is older than Grandma Warden (I still forget my mom is getting old), but not wanting to interrupt the flow of her thoughts to ask, I simply listened.

She quickly continued "Yeah, I like that smell. It feels nice." Then she added thoughtfully, I don't know what it is, maybe they all use the same kind of lotion or something." Her thoughts rambled on in an 8 year old way, wondering why all old women would think they need to wear lotion....


And then I found myself thinking about Triple Lanolin that has a distinct smell. My mom probably started using it when I was 8 or 9. She was a beautician with eczema and it was the only thing to soothe her chapped hands after all those shampoos. She still carries a tube in her purse that she finds at Dollar General, and occasionally shares a half used tube with Olivia or me. Whenever I open the tube, I think of her instantly. Glad they don't all use the same lotion, or I'd hardly distinguish it as a unique smell even now.

I wonder thirty years from now what smell Olivia's daughter will say reminds her of her Grandma...

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